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LnLP News is where all of our news that is fit to read can be found.  Read the latest from LnLP about our new releases, previews, updates and everything else related to our ranges of print and digital games and much more.


The LnLP Shop provides gamers with one location to find all of our great products. If you’re looking for our tabletop games, computers games, or books you will find them here.


By using Crowdfunding platforms LnLP will be able to provide new projects and get them launched into production quickly.  These new projects have been designed, developed, and are ready to go with the community’s help.

P500 Pre-orders

Our P500 Pre-order system gives our customers a direct say in what order our games get produced and in what order. This will aid in the order and if we reprint out-of-stock products.

Line of Fire Online

Line of Fire Online takes over where the magazine left off.  Gamers will find articles, new scenarios, after-action reports, and more.


The Steam platform provides LnLP a great location for all of our digital computer games and DLC’s for the Mac and Windows.  On Steam gamers will also find free new scenarios in our Workshop area and Discussion Forums for our computer games.


Come and get the latest LnLP swag from t-shirts, hats, mugs, posters, and more, including limited edition items. Find the perfect gear for everyone in your crew.

Community Gaming

There is something here for every gamer looking for opponents, scenarios, ladders, tournaments, and virtual gaming online.


We have a fantastic community here. Our forums bring gamers together from across the world to talk about our games.


Our support area helps us support our customers quickly and effectively. If you are having an issue please open a support ticket.